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Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates is gentle and therefore an ideal form of exercise throughout pregnancy to help maintain and improve fitness levels.

Pilates is controlled and uses focus and concentration and will therefore help increase awareness of the body. Through our breathing techniques you will feel more relaxed and prepared for labour and your baby’s birth.

Pilates focuses on core stability which supports the spine and posture – helping avoid backache and helps support the body better as it changes throughout pregnancy.

If you want to exercise during and after pregnancy and haven’t done much before, Pilates is a great way to start - we begin slowly, work with no impact on those joints and strengthen the muscles and cardiovascular system in a very gentle way.

If you are fit, then Pilates is a great way to maintain your fitness level in a safe environment.

Please contact us to find out which classes are suitable for pregnancy.

Mommy and Baby Pilates

Tone and strengthen your body to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape without losing precious time with your baby. Baby will love interacting with you as he forms part of our workout.
Classes are very relaxed and baby comes first, so if you need to feed or change, you and baby can relax for a while and fall in with us when you are ready.
Don’t worry if baby is sleeping or not as happy as usual; we adapt and work around their needs.
This is a great time to meet other moms and share our experiences.
The programme is designed for post-natal moms from about 8 weeks post-partum until baby is about 9 months old.

Class times : Fridays: 9am