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About Our Studio

Wellbean Pilates runs a private studio which offers both group and private classes.
The Wellbean Pilates studio in Edenvale was opened in August 2010. It has since grown to offer a variety of group and private sessions on a full range of equipment. We offer small group classes and therefore personal attention to all our clients is guaranteed. We strive to have fun while working hard to achieve our fitness goals.
Our instructors are well qualified and have many years of experience. We are registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa. Please visit the REPSSA website for more information.
The studio is in Elma Park, Edenvale.

About Our Classes

Group classes

Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention. Group classes are mat based and use the full range of small equipment including the Thera-bands, big balls, weights, Pilates rings, foam rollers, small balls and balance cushions. The small equipment is used to enhance the mat workout, to challenge the body and mind and to build strong, lean muscles.

Private classes

Sessions are machine based and are performed on specialised Pilates machines, which include the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Wall Unit as well as incorporating the small equipment. Private classes focus more on specific client needs and injury rehabilitation. We target specific muscle groups and strengthen the desired target areas.

Preggy Pilates

Exercises are adapted as you progress through the trimesters to offer safe exercises that alleviates discomfort from your changing body shape and posture. It helps to strengthen your body in preparation for delivery and motherhood. Read more…

Mommy and Baby Pilates

Tone and strengthen your body to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape without losing precious time with your baby. Baby will love interacting with you as he forms part of our workout. Read more…


This ancient art has many medically proven benefits. Become aware of your body’s alignment, posture and movement. Become more flexible, relax the body and mind and become more energetic and peaceful. Try a class to experience the wonder of Yoga.

Suitable for any age group, young and old, fit and unfit, pregnant or post-natal.